The Malaysian Franchise Association was formed in 1994 to support the implementation of the Government program to promote entrepreneurship through franchising. The formation of MFA was indeed timely as to promote the development of franchising in Malaysia.

MFA will serve as a resource center for both current and prospective franchisors and franchisees, as well as for media and the public.

With the formation of MFA, it is hoped that the environment, which is conducive to the expansion of franchising in Malaysia, can be created. MFA has a unique formula of its membership composition. Under one roof are franchisors, would-be franchisors, master franchisees, would-be master franchisees, government agencies and authorities, banks, accounting firms, franchise consultants, attorneys, suppliers and vendor of franchises.

For that matter, everyone involved and would-be involved in franchising are subservient to MFA’s Code of Ethics of A Professional Conduct of Franchise Practitioners and MFA enforce this code firmly yet helpfully.

Through the work of its committee, the MFA is committed to continue advancement of franchising in Malaysia into the twenty-first century in line with Vision 2020.